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Reach out to Chinese students from all 33 provinces in a culturally appropriate and consistent way through Zinch.cn. Our US representatives will help you coordinate with Zinch's full time force in Beijing to craft, polish, and broadcast your message to a database of over 300,000 active users on the site. From Baidu search optimization to one-on-one facilitated interviews with qualified students, Zinch.cn has the tools you need to be successful in this largely unknown region of the world.

Market Insight

Zinch has teamed up with NAFSA to create a series of 9 white papers that give you deep cultural perspective on recruiting in China. Topics range from identifying fraudulent applications to practices that will maximize the efficiency of your travel to the Middle Kingdom. Apart from this published insight, partners with Zinch China benefit from constant access to one of our China Market Specialists that work with your team to establish an effective communication plan and see the success that you are looking for.

Brand Monitoring

It is a sad reality that schools are sometimes impersonated in China by less than virtuous parties, and such instances have often spoiled the brand of the victimized school for years. Protect your brand with Zinch's Brand Monitoring service. Our partners that utilize this service benefit from over 40 full-time employees in Beijing looking out for their interests. Zinch will scan relevant media channels for any suspicious activities or misrepresentations and deliver a monthly report of said scans to you. Brand Monitoring enables you, despite being a world away, to still have a firm grasp on the integrity of your brand.

Social Media

Zinch.cn has successfully tapped into the social media world of China, and uses it to boost the brand recognitions of our partner schools. From RenRen (Facebook equivalent) to SinaWeibo (twitter equivalent), Zinch has a strong presence and following of students and parents, but we don't want to be the only Education Rockstars on these platforms! Zinch recently formalized a partnership with SinaWeibo that allows us to obtain verified accounts for all partner institutions of higher education. Schools can broadcast their message to 80% of the applicable market through this medium which is an unprecedented development for both us and you!

Undergraduate vs Graduate

Zinch.cn can boost your Chinese student body on both the Graduate and Undergraduate levels. Our team works with you to establish your targeting criteria to get messages out to just the right kinds of students. Whether your goal is to recruit MBA students, or undergraduate music majors, we have the tools and the reach to make you successful.

Zinch Ambassador Network

Zinch.cn utilizes numerous digital channels to reach the right students at the right time, however, we wanted to have an organic, grass-roots force to help promote traveling partners. Hence the Zinch Ambassador network was born. There are now over 600 Zinch ambassadors leading Zinch clubs in high schools throughout China, and this force has been mobilized to support and spread word about events, lectures, interview opportunities, and general information for our partner schools in powerful ways. Whether online or offline, Zinch.cn is the most powerful social network for college admissions in the China.

Qualification Services

Whether you are just breaking into China recruitment or if you are an old China hand, our qualification services can take some work off of your plate. Our trained call center in Beijing reaches out to every registered user on our site to verify their contact information, inquire about their financial situation for school, and conduct a verbal English interview. This filtering process helps both the schools and the students avoid the surprise and disappointment of arriving on campus and not being able to perform. Gone are the days of having to rely on TOEFL scores alone, let our team give you added insight.


Do you have more applications from China than you have time or staff for? Worried about losing some diamonds in all the rough? Allow our professionals in Beijing ease your application burden. We work with partners to develop a script specific to your school for our call center employees to follow (so that applicants don't even know Zinch is the one calling them). Our team will confirm their information, double check their ability to pay for school, and conduct a verbal English interview with the prospect. You send us a mountain of 1000 unruly applicants, and in 5 days it is magically transformed into a manageable stack of the best fit students. Doesn't that sound nice?