Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt offers undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, music, education and human development, as well as a full range of graduate and professional degrees. The combination of cutting edge research, liberal arts, nationally recognized schools of business and divinity and a distinguished medical center creates an invigorating atmosphere where students tailor their education to meet their goals and researchers collaborate to solve complex questions affecting our health, culture and society.

Vanderbilt provides a gateway to greatness, drawing the best and .....

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Baylie Weatherbie Hi! My name is Baylie and I'm a sophomore in high school. Vanderbilt is my dream school! Am I starting to look at colleges too early? Is there anything I can do now to help me improve my chances of getting into the school when the time comes?
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Caitlyn Acosta which do you recommend/require SAT or ACT
1 week 17 hours ago Comments (1)Detail
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Vanderbilt University Admissions Hey Caitlyn, thanks for your question! We do require that you submit at least one of these (either SAT or ACT) standardized tests taken with the writing portion. Many students find that they perform better on one examination, and therefore send in that score. That being said, we do not have a preference for one test over the other! If you would like to send scores from both tests, you are welcome to do so, and if you have one score that is stronger and you would like to submit it only, you are also welcome to do that!
6 days 23 hours ago
of Applicants Admitted
GPA 3.7
  • Aug 1, 2013

Test Score Ranges

25th percentile to 75th percentile
  • 2070-2330 SAT Total
  • 690-770 SAT Reading
  • 710-790 SAT Math
  • 670-770 SAT Writing
  • 32-34 ACT Composite
  • 32-35 ACT English
  • 30-34 ACT Math


Annual tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board
  • $41,088
  • $41,088
  • $2,584
  • $1,370
Room and Board: $13,560 Personal Expenses and Fees: $4,024

Will I Like It

6,988number of undergraduates
  • private-non-profit
  • city
  • 8:1
  • 26% Women