Leah Brown

Texas A & M University Class of 2015
Cibolo, TX

My worth? I'm a penny, The one cent you find face down
But if you believe in me, That I'm worth my superstition and more than my label you see
I'll turn your luck around
You can step on me, or pick me up
You can treasure my small contribution
Sit me next to those one hundred times my worth,
And I'll also treasure your generous profusion.
If I'm worth your time, You're also worth mine
Devoted, I'll return the favor, Your encouragement I forever savor.
I'm worth one cent, But I am forever in debt
To those who believe, and are willing to make the bet
Of one Affinity.

(Poem by Yours Truly.)

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There is no better way for me to exemplify my talents than to do so through a cake! It is my dearest hope to one day run a cake decorating business, because it is a job that will consistently challenge my ability to sculpt, draw, paint, and think with innovation! Therefore, I created a piece of artwork (since caking decorating is merely artwork...

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I start to the far righ this time :)

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...Because everyone has to have one! :)

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Sometimes I just randomly start projects I've never attempted before. In this instance, I just decided to make my first dress! P.S. I know my socks don't ever match :(

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I submitted this for a scholarship in which you had to incorporate a snake themed design for a laptop cover.

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This is the finished product of the painting for my dad. He was ecstatic to have one of his favorite memories, the NCAA 2005 World Series in paint!

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This was inspired by the show Wipeout.. I painted with food coloring.

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This was honestly just done for no purpose at all! I had this vision in my head of an artificial fountain, so I worked on it in my leisure time. :) All of this was deliciously edible!

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One of my friends requested a cake in the shape of a Converse shoe with WHALES on it! This was the result.. Happy Eighteenth Daniel! :)