Sweet Diggity Dawg 2010-2011

Sweet Diggity Dawg Scholarship

Attention High School and College Students!

Sweet Diggity Dawg 2010-2011

Gear up. This is it. It’s time for our biggest, baddest, most exciting scholarship competition of them all—The Sweet Diggity Dawg. If you’re new to Zinch, this is our longest running and most prestigious scholarship award. Each year applicants are selected to compete based on their Zinch profile. Students go head-to-head, with fellow Zinch users voting to advance the best profile, until only one student remains claiming the $20,000 scholarship.

Student Categories

Our students have skills and talents that are just as unique as they are. The categories below reflect the 10 fields of interest you Zinchers excel at. Check out each category leader board to see the top contenders vying for the grand prize.

Categories are:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship - students that have started their own businesses or pursuing degrees in accounting, business, entrepreneurship or a related field
  • Community Service - students that lead projects that have social impact within their communities
  • Computers & Technology - students pursuing programs in information technology, computer science or a related field
  • Digital Media Arts - students using digital technologies to create traditional and digital art and design for print, film, web or other media related distribution
  • Engineering - students pursuing programs in chemical, civic, electrical or mechanical engineering or a related field
  • Leadership & Government - students that hold positions of leadership in organizations and/or are pursuing degrees in government, political science, law or related field
  • Life Sciences - students pursuing programs in biology (plant or animal), the environment, medicine or a related field
  • Performing Arts - students that excel in theatre, music, dance or other types of arts performed in front of live audiences
  • Social Media & Communication - students using social media in the fields of advertising, communications, journalism, marketing or related field
  • Student Athlete - students that show exceptional ability in individual or team athletic sports

Choosing the Top Dawg

Zinch will pick 10 finalists from each of the 10 categories (100 finalists total). To be eligible as a finalist, you must have created your profile between January 16, 2010 and January 15, 2011 and entered the contest. Finalists will be picked based off the strength of their profile inclusive of (but not limited to) completeness, cool uploaded media, and Endorsements. Finalists will be announced on November 15th.

The finalists must then contact their personal networks to gain votes. The finalists that garner the most votes in their respective category will be named the Category Super Student and awarded a $500 scholarship prize.

Out of the 10 Category Super Students, Zinch judges will select 1 Grand Prize Winner to be award the $20,000 scholarship prize. Judges will select the Grand Prize Winner inclusive of (but not limited to) the strength of the student’s Zinch profile, number of votes garnered, and personal merit.


To be eligible as a finalist, you must have created your profile between January 16, 2010 and January 15, 2011 and entered the contest. If you created your profile since January 16th of this year, submit yourself to the 2012 SDD Contest.


Grand Prize (1): $20,000
Category Super Student Prize (10): $500

Important Dates

Submissions open: October 26th
Submissions close: November 10th
Finalists announced + voting begins: November 15th
Voting ends: December 7th
Category Super Students announced: December 9th
Grand Prize Winner announced: December 13th

For more information, read the Official Rules.