The College of New Jersey

Ewing, NJ

The College of New Jersey is a public, coeducational liberal arts focused university with professional schools in Nursing, Engineering, Business and Education located in the suburban Ewing Township area of New Jersey.

A nationally recognized, highly selective institution known for its commitment to academic excellence, The College of New Jersey was founded in 1855 and represents the absolute best in public higher education being recognized as one of the most selective public institutions in the country.

TCNJ is devoted to offering a wide array of specialized academic programs rooted .....

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profile picture for Susanna Inglin
Susanna Inglin Hello, I so much would love to attend TCNJ, your campus is beautiful. I would be right at home in my homestate My current GPA is 3.75 however my SAT scores do not show this. I am aware of the selective nature of TCNJ and understand the reasoning behind this. If I am fortunate enough to atend I will bring all of my dedication, hard work and tenacity to make that icon you search for.
7 weeks 2 days ago Comments (1)Detail
profile picture for Katie Moran
Katie Moran Hey Susanna! That's so wonderful to hear that you love TCNJ so much! I can assure you that the admissions counselors take your entire application into consideration, so if you're lacking in one area but very strong in another, they will notice that. You'll never be ruled out strictly due to test scores. Best of luck to you!!
7 weeks 1 day ago
profile picture for Gianella Salinas
Gianella Salinas Good evening! I've run into a bit of trouble sending out my transcript information, is there a deadline for the supporting documents that have to be sent in after the application?
8 weeks 2 hours ago Comments (1)Detail
profile picture for Katie Moran
Katie Moran Hi Gianella, March 1st is the deadline for supporting documents!
7 weeks 6 days ago
of Applicants Admitted

Admitted Freshmen Ranked

  • 94% in Top 25% in H.S. Class
  • 66% in Top 10% in H.S. Class
  • 99% in Top 50% in H.S. Class
  • Jan 15, 2014
  • Nov 15, 2013
  • Nov 15, 2013

Test Score Ranges

25th percentile to 75th percentile
  • 1690-2000 SAT Total
  • 550-650 SAT Reading
  • 580-680 SAT Math
  • 560-670 SAT Writing
  • 25-30 ACT Composite


Annual tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board
  • $10,102
  • $20,254
  • $2,724
  • $1,200

Will I Like It

7,093number of undergraduates
  • public
  • suburban
  • 13:1
  • 48% Women