Michael Reasoner

Bowling Green State University-Main Campus (BG) Class of 2016
Volunteer, foodie, computer geek, sax player.
Imagination, creativity, spatial intelligence, this is who I am. Existential questions roamed my three year old mind leaving my parents speechless: Why are floors flat when the earth is round? Disassembling anything that reached my hands was a daily task; improving it while reassembling it, a pleasure. Legos™, Erector™, mind puzzles became best friends, later to be replaced by RC cars. Mastering their control was barely a challenge and soon their two dimensional world limited my imagination. Space and air became a multi-dimensional canvas waiting to be conquered; and so I sold my cars and bought my first plane. Countless crashes, broken propellers, and perseverance fueled my own captivation of controlling this flying object. Two dimensional planes evolved into three dimensional planes—one not flown on the wings per se but one held in the air by the force of the air generated by the propeller flowing freely over the control surfaces like the words in my poems—flying them upside down, sideways, hovering them like a dragonfly, twirling them like hollandaise sauce in a blender, precisely cutting with them the air like a chef knife—chef knife that I wield in my skilled hands when cooking to relax, as it lets my hands express the way I feel. A properly plated dinner becomes a master piece of intertwined foods where roasted chicken, micro-greens drizzled with balsamic reduction, and a mound of white Venezuelan rice, paint a tower of flavors on another type of canvas—a plate. Canvas conquered when I dished breakfast at the food pantry during Sunday brunch. School, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Invitational, Clintonville Resource Center, Center of Science and Industry, and Gracehaven—organization that provides a home for girls who have been forced into commercial sexual exploitation—represent the dimensions of my volunteer portfolio. My brain is unique, wired differently than most others, the perfect ingredient for my 3D computer animation creations. I can see how disjointed vectors can be coupled giving life to a skeleton or a spinning propeller. I can make them dance to the tune of my sax. Creating an imaginative world in the black canvas of my computer monitor has become a passion and 3D Computer Animation my chosen major. We live in a three dimensional world so why not express myself in one?