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zinch is now chegg

Zinch is now Chegg Enrollment Services! What does that mean for you? In a word: MORE! More students. More opportunity. More impact.

Traditional Undergrad Recruitment

Chegg is the leading connected learning platform, helping connect
students with the schools they are researching across the web.
Through Chegg’s unique cloud technology, colleges and universities
can connect with students with an expressed interest in their
institution, as well as reach best-fit students for the first time, at a
fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Interested in learning more
about how Chegg can help your school?
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Global Network

Internationalizing your campus is a great way to diversify your campus
community while achieving unique enrollment goals. Chegg’s Global
Network can help you build your brand, identify qualified inquiries, and
understand the unique needs of students around the globe. In addition
to Chegg's specialized consulting and recruitment services in China, our
global network can help you reach students in any emerging market in
cost-effective and measurable ways.
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Transfer Student Marketing and Recruitment

About 1/3 of Chegg’s student users are currently enrolled at a
community college, the majority of which plan to transfer within the
next 2 years. Chegg’s multi-channel marketing and recruitment services
can help you establish your institution as a destination of choice for
current community college and interested prospective transfer students.
Branded box, integrated site advertising, and mobile offerings will help
differentiate your institution amongst this traditionally hard to reach
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Graduate Student Recruitment

Chegg puts students first. As the leading online learning platform for
college students, the Chegg brand is recognized and trusted by 30%
of college students across the country. With services like affordable
textbook and e-textbook rentals, study support, and internship search
support; Chegg engages college students at each phase of their college
journey. We can help position your brand in the places where potential
graduate students will see you most, and connect you with students who
express an interest along the way.
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Consultative Services

Chegg’s Enrollment Services team has nearly 80 years of combined
experience in higher education enrollment management. With
specializations in social media integration, communication planning,
and student research insights, our team is ready to support you no
matter what your unique goals or challenges are.
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